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Teens Charged as Adults in Pittsburgh Robbery

Teens Charged as Adults in Pittsburgh Robbery


What appears to be an ill-conceived plan by two teens to make some quick cash may result in a prison sentence that could forever alter their future.

The two are being charged as adults in connection with a Squirrel Hill robbery outside a supermarket recently.

Pittsburgh robbery defense lawyers know that although the teens are just 16 and 17-years-old, they could be facing a sentence of between 10 to 20 years, with a fine of up to $25,000.

That's under Pennsylvania Constitutional Statute 3701, which spells out robbery as a first-degree felony in which a person threatens another with immediate and serious bodily injury or puts that person in fear that they will be hurt if they do not comply. It's also considered robbery if the individual uses some form of physical force, "however slight" to take property away from someone else.

In this case, the teens approached a 19-year-old woman outside of a Giant Eagle store, shortly before midnight. The two reportedly brandished a realistic-looking pellet gun and stole the woman's purse.

The two then reportedly fled on foot.

Police were called to the scene.

Within about a half hour, the police located the pair walking with a group of friends along the roadway. Near that area, they discovered the pellet gun stuffed into a flower pot, along with the woman's debit card.

As a result, the teens were charged with robbery, as well as conspiracy, possessing instruments of a crime, reckless endangerment and carrying a facsimile of a firearm.

It's not clear whether these two have a prior record, which could factor into what kind of leverage their attorney may have during the plea bargaining phase, and it will certainly be something the judge may consider during the sentencing phase, should they be convicted.

Even if the evidence is strong, a criminal defense lawyer can try to argue that some of the charges should be dropped entirely, particularly given that the woman in question was not injured in any way.