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Police Scour Pittsburgh for Robbery Suspect

Police Scour Pittsburgh for Robbery Suspect


Law enforcement investigators are searching for aPittsburgh robbery suspect believed to have been involved in a home invasion recently.

From what our Pittsburgh felony defense lawyers can piece together regarding the details of the case, the suspect may additionally face kidnapping charges as well.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the alleged victim was in his vehicle at a local gas station. It was at that time that the suspect reportedly got into his vehicle. The suspect then flashed a revolver and demanded the victim drive home.

The victim realized that he was reportedly being followed by another vehicle as well.

When they arrived at the home, they went inside and the suspect reportedly demanded "the money" at gunpoint.

Somehow, the victim was able to jump out of a window of the home to escape. Other residents who were in the home at the time came out from back rooms to see what was going on, and the suspect reportedly fled into the vehicle that had been following close behind.

The victim's sister, who was at the home, said she recognized the man as a friend of a friend, but said she hadn't seen him in several years.

So it appears the police likely know the identity of the man.

Robbery, as defined in Pennsylvania Statute 3701, is the act of committing or attempting to commit a theft while also threatening to harm someone or actually harming them or physically removing the item from that person's direct possession.

Kidnapping, meanwhile, is defined in Pennsylvania Statute 2901. A person can be found guilty of kidnapping in this state if he or she unlawfully removes another person some "substantial" distance or if unlawfully confines a person for the purposes of either collecting a ransom or to facilitate a felony (in this case, robbery) or to inflict bodily injury or terrorize someone or to interfere with the official duties of a government official or employee.

Both of these charges are felonies, and require an attorney who is aggressive, familiar with the law and will fight for the best possible outcome, given the circumstances.