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Do you or a loved one need an aggressive, experienced law firm in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania? You can turn to the award-winning Pittsburgh lawyers at Blaine Jones Law, LLC. Blaine Jones Law, LLC is the premier criminal defense law firm in the City of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania! Our outstanding legal team has over 60 years of combined hard-hitting legal experience!

When the local media is looking for an experienced lawyer to provide outstanding legal analysis they turn to Blaine Jones! Attorney Jones has provided legal analysis for WPXI, KDKA, WTAE, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Tribune Review, The Lynne Hayes Freeland Show (Attorney Jones is the Resident Legal Expert), Pittsburgh Now, and NIghttalk. Blaine Jones is PCNC's Legal Analyst.

Attorney Jones has appeared on television and radio over 1,000 times representing the highest profile cases throughout the city of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania! In addition, attorney Blaine Jones co-hosts a legal talk show called Rush 2 Judgement!


Our Pittsburgh Crimial law firm has successfully handled more than 30,000 criminal and personal injury cases. Blaine Jones, is a former defense lawyer for the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender. He has handled a wide and diverse range of criminal cases in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and successfully conducted thousands of criminal hearings/ criminal trials. Additionally, our legal team has handled a wide and diverse range of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Our Pittsburgh Criminal Law/ Pittsburgh Personal Injury Law Firm will fight for you.

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Television Legal Analyst

Considered one of the TOP LAWYERS IN PITTSBURGH and Western Pennsylvania, Attorney Jones has earned the title of PCNC (Pittsburgh Cable News Channel) LEGAL ANALYST due to his vast legal knowledge and legal skill. Blaine Jones' legal expertise and knowledge is used on a regular basis by WPXI, KDKA, WTAE, Pittsburgh Now, Nighttalk and The Lynne Hayes Freeland Show. The aforementioned media outlets turn to Blaine Jones for someone that is very highly respected both in the courtroom and in the Western Pennsylvania community. Blaine Jones co-hosts a Legal Talk Show on PCNC called Rush 2 Judgement. Mr. Jones' legal expertise is highly sought after due to the thousands of clients he has successfully represented.

With regular appearances in legal segments on local televised talk shows, Attorney Blaine Jones is the "RESIDENT LEGAL EXPERT" on the Lynne Hayes Freeland Show, PCNC's Nighttalk, PCNC's Pittsburgh Now, Get to the Point with Lenny Mcallister and is regularly called upon by various networks to provide legal analysis.

Blaine Jones is routinely asked to provide Expert Legal Opinion on a variety of criminal defense and personal injury topics. Over the years, Attorney Blaine Jones has personally appeared on television and radio over 1,000 times!

Blaine Jones Law, LLC offers unparalleled criminal defense and personal injury representation in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania. Attorney Jones has successfully defended clients charged with criminal offenses in over 5,000 preliminary hearings in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania. At our law firm, we have also assisted numerous high-profile individuals, including Pennsylvania Congressman Jake Wheatley.

Our Pittsburgh Office Location:
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Pittsburgh, PA 15219

High Profile Pittsburgh Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

Blaine Jones has handled a significant number of cases that have attracted both local, national, and international media coverage. At Blaine Jones Law, we pride ourselves on our aggressive style of practicing law.


When Pennsylvania Congressman Jake Wheatley faced very serious charges that could have jeopardized his lifelong dream of serving the constituents of Western Pennsylvania as their elected Congressman he did not hesitate to contact Blaine Jones Law, LLC. Congressman Wheatley ONLY wanted our firm so that he would have an aggressive, results-oriented attorney on his side. He completely trusted our firm with not only his case, but essentially with his career. Attorney Blaine Jones successfully had all charges against Congressman Wheatley dismissed!

If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation in the Pittsburgh area or surrounding communities of Western Pennsylvania, you can call on Blaine Jones for help. As one of the most well-respected attorneys in Pittsburgh handling criminal charges, he has the solution you need.

Blaine Jones Law, LLC: Stellar Reputation for Winning Cases

Throughout his career as a lawyer, Attorney Jones has earned a reputation for being hard-nosed, diligent, and always prepared to fight for his clients. Our firm has received numerous winning verdicts in jury and non-jury trials. Blaine Jones Law, LLC can bring a significant degree of successful trial experience to any case, as well as a personal passion for helping people during their time of need.

Our firm will aggressively fight for your rights and help you achieve your legal goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We use our vast criminal defense knowledge and skill in employing detailed pre-trial preparation, including discovery review, issue identification, motion and brief writing, directing an investigative staff, and preparing witnesses. We strive to minimize the negative effects and ramifications of criminal charges so that you can put your case behind you and move forward with your life.

Handling a Wide Range of Pittsburgh Criminal Cases

Our Pittsburgh criminal defense law firm handles all types of criminal charges, including:

Blaine Jones Law, LLC can assist you if you are facing an investigation for fraud, internet crimes, or sex crimes and will defend you against underage drinking charges or weapons crimes. If you were charged with a lesser crime, such as shoplifting or DUIs, our firm can assist you. Regardless of the exact charges you are facing, you can turn to our criminal defense team.

Work With Our Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you are facing criminal charges in Pittsburgh or the surrounding counties of Western Pennsylvania, it is important that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Whether you are facing a serious crime, or you are a college student looking to defend your future after an arrest, you can rely on our law firm. You deserve outstanding legal representation and the opportunity to work with dedicated attorneys who have successfully and expeditiously handled thousands of criminal cases. We recommend that you contact our firm and use our vast resources and abilities to help you present the most effective defense possible.

Contact Blaine Jones Law, LLC today to speak with a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney and schedule your free consultation: (412) 475-0062.

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