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Prescription Drugs

Arrested On Prescription Drug Charges?

Arrests for drug crimes are not only about illegal street drugs. Prescription drug charges are very prevalent in our country as well. Addiction is the driving force behind all drug abuse cases. Painkillers and other narcotics have increasingly become the go-to solution for the alleviation of pain, both mental and physical, and without careful supervision by a trained medical practitioner, can quickly take over someone's life. Crime is intimately connected to addiction. The end user will seek almost any means to keep his personal stash supplied, and drug dealers capitalize on it. The result is a society weakened by dependence and escalating crime. For these reasons, the government cracks down hard on drug crimes. If you have been arrested for prescription drug crimes, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Pittsburg. It takes experience and skill to effectively defend these charges, and your future is at stake.

What Constitutes A Prescription Drug Crime?

There are several different aspects to prescription drug charges. You could be charged with possession, acquiring drugs that were presumably for yourself but are actually for someone else, selling or trafficking of prescription drugs, or altering or forging a prescription. Furthermore, you could be charged with possession and/or distribution even if you are found with only a handful of pills. Cases of prescription drug crimes can be very complex at times. If, for example, the police stopped you for speeding and subsequently found a few pills on your car's console, they may arrest you. But proving those pills were yours or your passenger's, or if they were being abused is another matter. A drug crime lawyer in Pittsburgh who knows the fine points of how to defend these cases is your best ally.

Another growing area of prescription drug crime involves the internet. Many people buy prescription medication online. It is legal to buy and sell prescription drugs online if certain requirements are followed. First and foremost, the buyer must have a real prescription from a valid medical practitioner who was seen in person. It is illegal to buy or sell these drugs online without this.

You must have a pharmaceutical license to sell medication online. Without that, you can be found guilty of illegally distributing drugs, even conspiracy charges. A conspiracy charge could be the result if it is believed by law enforcement that you worked with others to plan to commit a crime, or to commit a crime.

Penalties for Prescription Drug Crimes

The penalties for illegal possession of prescription drugs is basically the same as for other controlled substances, such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and others. Common prescription drugs used and trafficked illegally often include Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet and Xanax.

For a first offense, you could get up to one year in prison including fines up to $5,000. A second offense can bring up to two years, and three years for a third offense, both with possible fines. If the prescription drugs are narcotics, the charges can be elevated to the felony level, and the sentences and fines are steeper. You could be incarcerated for up to 15 years, with fines up to $250,000. These can increase even further depending on the amount of drugs involved, if they were trafficked in a school zone, and whether or not there was a firearm used.

At the law offices of Attorney Blaine Jones, we are very aware of the seriousness of any drug charge. You are facing prison time, fines, driver's license suspension, and a criminal record. Additionally, if you are addicted to painkillers or other narcotics, you are under tremendous personal stress, both mentally and physically, not to mention the emotional toll criminal charges will add. We are caring with our clients, and aggressive in defending drug charges and seeking any alternatives that could be of benefit.

Contact our firm at once for assistance if you are accused of any level of prescription drug crime.

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