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Should Myles Garrett be criminally charged?

Should Myles Garrett be criminally charged?


Should Myles Garrett be criminally charged?

The simple answer...No.

His conduct was deplorable and brought shame to his team, the game of football and Myles Garrett himself. I am fully aware that if this happened off the field and Mason Rudolph called the police, Myles Garrett would likely be arrested shorlty after or at least have a warrant out seeking his arrest. What makes it any different is that it happened on the field and not the street? Football is known, designed and loved for its hard hitting, direct contact, high energy, emotional nature of the game. To take an act like this, that was likely fueled mostly from emotion and adrenal and now call it criminal changes the game in it’s entirety. Once we begin to criminalize such conduct in football, it would only be fair to do the same for hockey, basketball, lacrosse, soccer and all other contact sports. Here, the NFL is the proper authority to offer sanctions in a manner justified to its rules and regulations that will penalize and deter such behavior in a greater way than the criminal justice system would. There is a high practicality, that based on the public figure status of Mr. Garrett, if charges were filed, if he even sees the inside a courtroom, the likely outcome would be some form of probation, likely non-reporting and a fine that wouldn’t cause a person in his tax bracket to blink an eye.

We are truly grateful that Mason Rudolph did not sustain any serious bodily injury from this act of stupidity. We hope
Mr. Garrett learns and grows from this incident.

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