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A Closer Look at Blaine Jones Law, LLC

A Closer Look at Blaine Jones Law, LLC


Having a police officer tell you that you are being accused of a crime may be considered as one of the more frightening experiences for any individual to go through. The fear of the unknown may be ramped in your mind as you wonder what will happen if you are convicted for your crime; will you have to go to jail, will you be forced to pay money? In the event of a criminal charge, no matter how small or large the crime, contacting a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney is essential! At Blaine Jones Law, LLC we are committed to offering exceptional criminal defense on behalf of any and all of our clients, no matter the charges placed against them! Blaine Jones Law, LLC is proud to announce that we have successfully defended over 10,000 criminal cases in the Pittsburg area and our firm is comprised of years of legal experience and dedication that is proven time and time again as we successfully help clients of all ages who are being accused of criminal acts.

Lead attorney at the firm, Blaine Jones, is a former public defender and in his time as an attorney has had the privilege of successfully helping clients with over 50 trials before the court as well as thousands of preliminary hearings. He grew up in the state of Pennsylvania and after high school he received an athletic scholarship to attended Howard University, a prestigious educational institute located in Washington, D.C. During his time there he not only spent time as a dedicated athletes, he was able to earn two degrees with high honors on the field as MVP as well as in the classroom. After graduating from Howard University, he went on to pursue his law degree at the Golden Gate University School of Law in California, with the help of an academic scholarship. Following his graduation he went on to receive years of experience working as a legal clerk with a Judge in Oakland, California. During his time he received training that has made him who he is today, skills and lessons were learned that has allowed him to grow in the knowledge of law and practicality of helping individuals with their unique cases. After much experience, Blaine Jones went on to establish his own firm where he now resides, dedicating his life to advocate on behalf of others who feel as though there is no hope left. To learn more about Blaine Jones as well as further details of his credentials, click on his LinkedIn profile here.

Attorney Al Burke is of counsel with the Blaine Jones Law firm and is a recent addition to the legal team. As a "special counsel" addition, he is able to offer 23 years of legal experience to the firm and as he was a former Federal prosecutor. Not only has he spent many years as a prosecutor, allowing him the inside advantage to the opposite side of the courtroom, but he also has the opportunity to serve on a special unit in the Federal Court in Pennsylvania. Here he was given the chance to prosecute those involved in significant drug violations in the U.S. as well as weapons charges and whit collar crimes. His experience as a prosecutor makes him an invaluable asset to our firm as he is able to understand thoroughly the approach that the prosecution will against him as he now defends the individuals he was once trying to put behind bars.

At Blaine Jones Law, LLC we have had the privilege of helping numerous clients with a variety of criminal charges. Our firm handles cases such as assault, drug crimes, federal crimes, homicide, internet crimes, theft crimes, DUI charges, and so much more. During our time as a criminal defense firm we have been able to help many individuals successfully fight their charges. For example, one client was accused of drug possession and carrying a firearm without a license and we were able to prove him as not guilty of all five charges places against him. Another person was accused of first degree murder and despite the fact he had an alleged eye witness, we were able to help out client and prove his innocence. At Blaine Jones Law, LLC we are also dedicated Pittsburgh DUI attorneys and have been able to help numerous clients with a variety of DUI charges including underage drinking as well. For example, one client was accused of a DUI as well as leaving the scene of the accident and we were able to have his case dismissed. The list of cases goes on, click here to read more!

If you or someone you know is accused of criminal charges, the first thing you want to look for in a criminal defense attorney is someone who is dedicated to representing their clients. Attorneys at Blaine Jones Law, LLC have years of experience and they have been able to walk step by step with each of their clients as they are accused of a number or criminal charges. Jones is relentless in his pursuit of justice for his clients and will stop at nothing to offer them the defense that is truly deserved. If you are in need of an attorney to fight for your freedom and reputation, look no further than our firm!

To connect further with our firm you can find us on many different websites including Insider Pages, Justia, HG Global Legal Resources, Kudzu, Merchant Circle, and Lawyer Central. We would also love for those of you in the Pittsburg and surrounding areas if you would consider adding our firm to one or all of your social media networks. Here you will learn about the many facets of criminal law and defense and find out how our firm can offer you legal services in various situations. In the event of an arrest we may share tips of what not to do, or even update you on local and national news and discuss how we would fight for you in similar situations. Add us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to learn more!

Our office is located at 600 Grant Street #660 Pittsburgh, PA 15219, and to schedule an appointment call us at 412-254-8399. If you have been accused of a crime, don't wait another moment to contact our offices; we want to fight for you!