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Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Charges Not Always Spouse-on-Spouse

Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Charges Not Always Spouse-on-Spouse


It's a mistake to think that the only time you might face domestic violence charges is with regard to your spouse.

Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyers know that escalating arguments among family members or even your roommate can lead to such charges.

Domestic violence is the kind of charge that can have far-reaching consequences to you personally and professionally, so it's critical you consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

That's the situation one local reverend has found himself in, after a reported altercation with his adult daughter at a local park.

The 59-year-old pastor was reportedly carrying a gun at the time of the alleged incident, so rangers called state police to respond. It went so far that helicopters were dispatched and officers established a perimeter around the scene until the incident was substantially de-escalated.

Officers did end up arresting the clergyman on charges of simple assault and harassment, though charges of domestic violence and weapons charges may be pending.

The reverend himself was once a part-time deputy at the Beaver County Sheriff's Office some 25 years ago. It's possible firearm charges won't be filed, as the defendant had a permit and was carrying it lawfully onto the park's premises. However, that license has since been revoked following the incident.

According to responding officers, the reverend's daughter had visible red marks around her neck, and she was transported to the hospital for observation.

Pennsylvania Statutes, Title 23, Section 6102 specifies that an assault can be charged as domestic violence when the alleged victim is: a family or household member, a sexual or intimate partner or an individual with whom you share biological parenthood.

Acts that would be punishable under this statute include:

  • Attempting to cause or causing the serious bodily injury, rape or sexual assault or indecent assault;
  • Placing the other personal in reasonable fear of imminent and serious bodily injury;
  • The infliction of false imprisonment on the alleged victim;
  • Knowingly engaging in repeated acts intended to put the other person in fear (such as following them).

If you are facing charges of domestic violence in Pittsburgh, do not offer comment to police or try to explain yourself to the alleged victim. Hire an attorney as soon as possible.