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Strong Pittsburgh Burglary Defense Required for Serial Offender

Strong Pittsburgh Burglary Defense Required for Serial Offender


A 49-year-old man is going to require a strong Pittsburgh burglary defense, after law enforcement in North Oakland reportedly caught him crawling into the window of an apartment.

Our Pittsburgh burglary defense attorneys understand that police responded to the scene on Melwood Avenue, just shy of 2 a.m. on a recent morning. One of the residents said they saw him climbing into the window, and then crawling back out with items he had shoved in a plastic bag.

Burglary in Pittsburgh is defined under Pennsylvania Statute Chapter 35, Section 3502. A person can be found guilty of burglary if they unlawfully enter a structure or vehicle (occupied or otherwise) with the intent of committing a crime (usually theft).

Penalties for this offense are going to vary widely depending on a host of factors, including the value of what was stolen and the prior record of the accused. If the individual has a violent felony in their past, he or she could be looking at a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars - just on the burglary charge. Likely, though, penalties are going to range from probation to six years.

That's why it's so important to have an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney to help you combat these charges, and possibly help negotiate reduced charges and sentences.

In this case, according to news station WTAE Pittsburgh, a neighbor called 911 to report a burglary in progress.

Police arrived to find the 49-year-old suspect attempting to flee with items such as an Xbox, several games and a Play Station.

Investigators say he is known as a serial burglar in the area, who has been arrested on Pittsburgh burglary charges on three occassion prior - including two just so far this year.

Police believe he may also be involved in a number of unsolved burglary cases.

Likely, that will mean his sentence may fall on the higher end of the sentencing spectrum, unless a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney can argue perhaps some mitigating circumstances or if the accused may be willing to immediately pay off some form of restitution. That won't make the charges go away, but it could help him in perhaps landing a lesser sentence.