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Pittsburgh Homicide Charges Await Armored Car Driver

Pittsburgh Homicide Charges Await Armored Car Driver


Pittsburgh homicide charges are likely to be filed against an armored car driver who authorities say shot his partner in the back of the head before taking off with more than $2 million.

An intense manhunt has been launched for the 22-year-old suspect, who police say is probably still in the country.

Our Pittsburgh homicide defense attorneys have been following the numerous media reports, which indicate that the pair had parked their Garda Cash Logistics truck under a Pittsburgh bridge.

That's when, authorities say, the 22-year-old shot his 31-year-old partner at point blank range.

It was believed that the suspect was going to try to flee the country, because shortly after the alleged shooting, police said he called family and friends, asking one of them about extradition laws in Mexico and Canada.

In fact, U.S. authorities will likely have no trouble extraditing you from either country, especially if you are not a Mexican or Canadian citizen and aren't facing the death penalty. Your best bet, if you are facing an impending arrest for a Pittsburgh homicide, is to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In this scenario, when the 22-year-old reached out to a friend, he told them that he had messed up and that his life was over. The friend asked if he had killed someone, and he answered in the affirmative.

The first phone call he should have made, though, was to a criminal defense attorney.

For anyone, the possibility of having to endure a murder trial may seem incredibly daunting, to the point that fleeing might be understandable. But the truth is, authorities are likely going to catch up with you, and there is no guarantee when that happens that they will bring you in safely. By contacting an aggressive criminal defense attorney, you will have someone who will help to negotiate the safe terms of your surrender. Even if the state has evidence against you, a skilled defense attorney can work to have that evidence excluded on legal technicalities. There is even the possibility that these serious charges could be reduced or dismissed.