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Men Face Multiple Pittsburgh Robbery Charges

Men Face Multiple Pittsburgh Robbery Charges


Three men are accused of a slew of Pittsburgh robbery charges, following at least 13 robberies in the greater Pittsburgh area, including at a McDonald's, a Dollar Store, and adult book store and a number of restaurants. Robbery defense attorneys in Pittsburgh understand that this is the kind of case that truly can't be handled by a novice defense attorney.

Under Pennsylvania law, a single charge of simple robbery is classified as a third-degree felony. That alone will garner a 7 year prison sentence. If someone was placed in danger - or fear of danger - at any point during the alleged crime, you're looking at a second-degree felony, which can carry a 10-year prison sentence. And if there was serious bodily injury inflicted on anyone at any point during the alleged crime, that upgrades the charge to a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

In this case, the three individuals - two of them 22-years-old, and another 24 - are charged with robbery, reckless endangerment, conspiracy and theft.

In one instance, there is an allegation that a knife was held to a woman's throat. In another case, a pregnant woman was pepper-sprayed.

Police first began a closer examination of area robberies when they began to take note of a string of them happening that had a number of elements in common. The suspects in each case wore hooded sweatshirts, gloves, masks and flashed guns. In five cases, gunshots were fired, though police say no one was actually hit. Other allegations that may heighten the penalties these individuals could receive:

A convenience store robbery in which a suspect fired into the ceiling;
A Buffalo Wild Wings hold-up in which a suspect put a gun to the head of an employee and pepper-sprayed a pregnant woman;
A robbery at a restaurant in which one of the suspects threatened to kill a screaming customer.
According to police, two of the men are charged in 13 cases and the third is charged in nine cases. Detectives say the men have already confessed to the crimes.

It is important if you are ever accused of a Pittsburgh robbery, you must first speak with your attorney before answering any questions from law enforcement.