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Doctor Tried for Pennsylvania Sex Crimes

Doctor Tried for Pennsylvania Sex Crimes


A rhuematologist physician from a North Hills clinic is facing numerous charges of Pennsylvania harassment and indecent assault.

Our Pittsburgh sex crimes defense attorneys have been closely following the case, as covered by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Sometimes, accusations of health care professionals can stem from a misunderstanding of certain procedures. Doctors often touch their patients in order to follow up on a condition or render a proper diagnosis. In this scenario, it appears one public accusation quickly snowballed into more.

According to these media reports, the 54-year-old doctor is accused of inappropriately touching at least 17 women. In all, there are 10 separate criminal cases. He was arrested last year.

Some of the accusers told a judge at the non-jury trial that they had never had an issue with their doctor until recently. A rhuematologist is someone who treats patients for issues involving joints and soft tissue.

According to the Gazette, one woman said she was at her second appointment with the doctor when he asked her to lay back, fully clothed, on the examination table. She then said the doctor lifted her sweater and moved his hand over both breasts. At no point did either say anything to the other, she said, adding that she had never made any complaints to him regarding that part of her body. She was there to be examined for her joints.

Several of the witnesses admitted that they did not come to police with their allegations until they heard about the other cases.

Another woman testified that the doctor would grab her breasts while listening to her heartbeat. Another said the doctor groped her.

Some women also testified that the doctor had reported that the doctor recorded in their chart that they had psychiatric conditions they did not.

Many of the women, however, said they continued to see the doctor, despite the seriousness of the crimes they allege he committed.

Accusations of this nature can be devastating for a physician. Not only could it mean jail time, it could result in him losing his medical license. Even if he is found not guilty on all or most of the charges, his repuation has been so tarnished, he will not likely be able to successfully practice medicine in this area ever again.

This just underscores the critical need for those accused of Pittsburgh sex crimes to immediately contact an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney.