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Those two words are two of my most favorite words in the entire english language. Earlier this month I had a very very serious case in which my client was being charge with:

1) Rape- 1st Degree Felony

2) Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse- 1st Degree Felony

3) Aggravated Indecent Assault- 2nd Degree Felony

4) Sexual Assault- 2nd Degree Felony

5) Indecent Assault-1st Degree Misdemeanor

6) Indecent Assault- 2nd Degree Misdemeanor.

Needless to say my client was looking at a significant amount of time in prison if found guilty. A potential 20-40 year sentence could have been handed down. I negotiated a plea agreement in which my client would plead guilty to the 1st degree Misdemeanor and I got the rest of the charges withdrawn, which is a great deal. However, my client was adamant about his innocence. It is my job as his lawyer to fight for him, not to convince him to take a plea. After telling the District Attorney that we wanted a trial we put together an outstanding strategy to win the case. There is no 2nd place in this business. I must do everything within the rules to win because my client's freedom is hanging in the balance and after all what's more important than freedom. We aggressively attacked the case from start to finish and in the end the Judge said two of my favorite words with respect to all 6 counts: