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Minor in Possession Laws

Minor in Possession Laws


In the state of Pennsylvania, there are specific laws which have been established to regulate any minors who are found to be in possession of drugs or alcohol, and the law will do whatever it takes to enforce these regulations. Minor in possession (MIP) laws are established as a means of keeping minors out of trouble or encouraging them to get medical help. The intent for MIP laws are first to educate minors on the ever present dangers that exist with getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. They are also used to enforce necessary treatments for minors who have already become dependent on the substance. Lastly these laws are also enforced in order to have minors become more involved in the community, through service to their area after a criminal offense.

A minor may in no way be found in knowledgeable possession of an alcoholic substance or for transportation, they may neither purchase nor attempt to purchase anything or use an illegal identification card. Within the state laws, minors are also forbidden to work with alcohol either by serving or handling it, for example at a restaurant. There are a few exceptions for these laws such as being allowed to work in a location which is licensed to sell alcohol as long as they do not handle it themselves or pour the drinks before they are of legal age.

If a minor enters into a location which is licensed to sell alcohol, as long as they are with their parents or guardians they are not in the wrong, though they may not consume any alcohol. There are a number of exceptions in regards to minors in possession of alcohol, which is why in the event your minor is arrested for underage drinking or possession, hiring a skilled Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at Blaine Jones Law, LLC today! We will aggressively defend your rights and seek to protect your minor from facing criminal charges, contact us today for more information!