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Pittsburgh Shoplifting Lawyer

Understanding Charges of Petty Theft

Shoplifting is a petty theft crime that can hold serious penalties for convicted individuals. Although it is a lesser crime than grand theft, shoplifting can still put a mark on your record. According to Pennsylvania law, a person can be found guilty if they take or walk away with any good from a store without the intent of paying for the item. You may also be charged if you alter, remove, or replace any price marking or tag or deprive the merchant of the full value of the cost of goods. This is considered a summary offense if the goods were less than $150. Second-time offenders will be facing a misdemeanor if the goods were under $150 as well. Offenders who stole an item over the retail value of $150 will face a misdemeanor crime; felony charges may result if the goods exceeded $2,000.

It can be an unfortunate case of wrong place, wrong time when you are charged with shoplifting. Merchants and their employees are trained to identify people with suspicious behavior, baggy clothing, or large bags as potential shoplifters. Concealing goods or depriving the retailer of the full value will have you facing various penalties, but it is important that you protect your rights by working with an attorney. Without proper evidence or video surveillance to hold you accountable for the accusations, an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney may be able to reduce or acquit you of the charges you may be facing.

Representation for Your Case

After an arrest or an accusation that they have been shoplifting, many people feel confused about where to turn. It is important that you understand the penalties that you may be facing and work to retain a dedicated and aggressive attorney who will fight for your case. At Blaine Jones Law, LLC, we understand that this time in your life can be stressful, which is why we aim to swiftly and efficiently settle your case with a favorable outcome. It is important to remember that you have the right to an attorney and you are always innocent until proven guilty! Contact our firm today to speak with an attorney to work toward defending your constitutional rights.

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