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Sex Crime Lawyer in Pittsburgh

False Allegations of Sexual Offenses

Sex crimes can put a defendant in a guilty-until-proven-innocent-posture. Too often, such allegations can strain relations with family, friends and co-workers, before a defendant has an opportunity to defend himself. Pittsburgh defense lawyer, Blaine Jones, understands the stakes and will begin moving immediately to protect your rights, both in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion.

Tragically, false allegations are an all-too common occurrence. Few charges can be more frustrating than for a man to be accused of acting sexually inappropriately. However, an ex-wife, former girlfriend or remorseful lover can make such allegations for a number of reasons. Such accusations often come during a divorce or child-custody battle. In other cases, the use of alcohol or drugs by an alleged victim can lead to remorse or even a legitimate belief that they were wronged as the result of a sexual encounter.

Sex Crimes Defense: Know Your Rights

What you are charged with is not nearly as important as whether you are convicted. The best move is to contact and experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible stage in such cases. Besides contacting a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible stage in such cases, a defendant can typically help his case by remaining silent. Talking with authorities is rarely a good idea. Never is that more true that when defending yourself against sex crime allegations. In fact, authorities may lack evidence to bring charges at all if all they have is the word of an alleged victim.

Typically, law enforcement will try to shame or trick a defendant into defending himself by making statements that can then be used to bring charges. In other cases, prosecutors may roll the dice and bring charges with the hopes of intimidating a defendant into making a plea agreement. Pittsburgh attorney, Blaine Jones, is not intimidated. We advise clients to remain silent and do your talking to your attorney. Rarely, if ever, will a defendant talk his way out of criminal charges. Remaining silent is often the most potent defense to false allegations.

In the event the state brings charges, we are already a step ahead. We will move aggressively in your defense. By moving forward with motions to dismiss or suppress, and by preparing your case for trial, we will send a clear message to both the victim and the prosecutor that we are not intimidated. And we will make it clear to the "victim" that she could face both criminal charges and civil liability for coming forward with malicious allegations.

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