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Pittsburgh Internet Crime Lawyer

Charged with an Internet Crime in Western PA- Need to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for charges of committing crimes on the internet

Internet crimes, also known as computer crimes or cybercrime, consist of any criminal activity which is conducted through the use of the internet or computers. In an internet crime, a computer network may be used or the network may be the target of the crime, such as in altering or destroying network information or the ability to function. Because internet crime crosses state lines, it may be investigated and prosecuted by such federal agencies as the FBI.

If you are subject to a criminal investigation into internet crimes or if you have been charged with criminal activity related to the internet in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas of western Pennsylvania, it is important that you seek the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney. We recommend that you consult with a Pittsburgh criminal attorney at our firm to discuss your situation and get professional legal advice. Our attorney has the experience, skills, and resources to fully investigate your charges, devise a defense strategy, and prepare your case for trial. We will vigorously protect your legal rights and take every legal measure to help you avoid the negative consequences of criminal charges.

Defending Clients Charged with Internet Crimes

Internet crimes include computer hacking, viruses, malware, phishing scams, cyberstalking, distribution of child pornography, identity theft, using chat rooms, email, and other internet means to lure and exploit minors, using the internet for drug trafficking, terrorist activities, and various forms of fraud. Fraud can occur at auction sites, bogus company websites, and can consist of investment fraud, work-at-home scams or other employment and business schemes, credit card fraud and more. Facing state or federal charges connected with internet crimes is a serious matter which requires the dedicated attention of a skilled attorney. Let our Pittsburgh internet crimes lawyer use his extensive experience and resources to defend you.

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