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Pittsburgh Weapons Crime Defense Attorney

Representing Clients in Weapons Offenses

Pennsylvania maintains laws which regulate the use and possession of weapons and firearms. If you are facing a criminal charge related to weapon violations in Pittsburgh or in the surrounding areas of western Pennsylvania, you should contact our firm to arrange a consultation with a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer about your situation. Our firm focuses on criminal defense and we have the experience and skills to help create an effective defense strategy on your behalf. We have represented many individuals who have been charged with weapons crimes.

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

Under Pennsylvania law, you must have a permit to carry a handgun. You do not, however, need a license to own rifles or shotguns or to possess a handgun in your own home or place of business. Certain individuals are prohibited from possessing firearms by law, such as those who are convicted felons, illegal aliens, those who are mentally incompetent, minors, and those who are subject to a protection from abuse order by the courts. It is also illegal to possess a gun while on school property, in a court facility, or on the public streets unless the person is licensed to carry a weapon. Weapon offenses may be charged as felonies in many cases, including possession without a license, trafficking in guns, selling stolen guns, and more.

Using a gun to commit another crime, such as robbery, can lead to increased penalties. The penalties you will face in any weapons charge will be impacted by your past criminal history, if any. In any weapons crimes, it is highly advisable that you seek professional legal representation. The Pittsburgh weapons crimes attorney can review your situation and advise you on how our firm can help you fight the negative consequences you may be facing.

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