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Pittsburgh Drug Crime Lawyer

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Being charged with possession or possession with intent to distribute can be a very serious situation, which is why you need the tremendous experience of Blaine Jones Law, LLC. Drug crimes in Pennsylvania can range from simple possession of marijuana to possession or manufacturing of a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver. Drug trafficking crimes may be investigated and prosecuted at the federal level by such federal agencies as the DEA and FBI. These are serious crimes carrying severe federal penalties. Whatever the nature of the drug charges that you are facing, it is crucial that you have a highly qualified criminal attorney handle your case.

Drug Charges in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you are convicted of the sale, delivery, or distribution of a controlled substance or drug in Pennsylvania, then you will face a mandatory prison sentence depending on the type of illegal drugs that were involved. You may also be facing separate federal penalties. Controlled substances include heroin, cocaine, PCP, methamphetamine, and more. Furthermore, if you are convicted of distributing any controlled substance near a school or to minors, then the penalties you face will significantly increase.

Even if you are facing a relatively minor drug charge, such as simple possession of marijuana, you may still lose your driver's license or face a significant jail term. Being convicted of a drug charge will also result in a permanent mark on your criminal record, which can negatively affect your future. Any type of drug charge needs a strong and aggressive legal defense to minimize the negative consequences. The services of our law firm can greatly benefit your case. Our Pittsburgh drug crime attorneys provide outstanding representation to all our clients and, whether you have been arrested for a small personal possession or for a more serious charge involving distribution, you can rely on our firm.

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