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Detainer Hearings in Pittsburgh

If you violate the terms of your probation or parole, you can be held on a detainer by a judge. Under these circumstances, you will not be able to be released from jail by paying bail. You will have to appear before a judge in a detainer hearing to get the detainer lifted. This can only be accomplished with the legal assistance of a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer. These situations can be complicated, depending on the circumstances, which is why you should get the legal advice and representation of our attorney. Our firm focuses on criminal defense for clients in the greater Pittsburgh area as well as surrounding areas of western Pennsylvania and is well-versed in the state and federal guidelines related to probation and parole. These guidelines can often be complex.

Pittsburgh Probation Violations

Generally, there are two types of probation violations, which are referred to as technical and direct. A direct violation is usually a conviction of a new crime. A technical violation could consist of a failure to report to your probation officer, failing a drug test, a new arrest, or a violation of some other condition of your probation. If you are charged with a new offense, the judge will review what the charges are. Depending on the nature and severity of the new charge, your previous criminal record, and the judge's disposition, he or she will make a decision about whether or not to lift the detainer. This is where you need a skilled Pittsburgh criminal attorney from our firm.

Being represented by an aggressive and experienced attorney can make a significant difference in a detainer hearing from being sentenced to jail or released on probation or parole. If you are faced with a probation or parole violation, it is important that you contact our firm to speak to our attorney about your situation. We can advise you on what needs to be done to help you avoid jail time.

Contact a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer at our firm if you have charged with a probation or parole violation today.

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