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How can my license be revoked?

In the state of Pennsylvania, any driver who takes to the road with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 or greater is considered to be drunk driving. If an individual under the age of 21 is on the road with a BAC level of .02 or higher, they are also considered to be driving under the influence. When a driver is considered to be intoxicated, they can receive serious penalties from a DUI conviction. While the first one or two DUI offenses may be cause for license suspension, a third DUI offense typically results in license revocation for five years. Any other offenses within that five year revocation period will also result in an additional two years.

Penalties for Driving with a Revoked License

Driving with a revoked license is considered a summary offense in Pennsylvania and is punishable by anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 in fines as well as adding another 2 years onto the preexisting sentence. You may also face a mandatory jail sentence of 90 days and up to two years, if your license was revoked for one of these three reasons and if you had alcohol in your system greater than .02 percent or illegal substances at the time of arrest:

  • Placement in an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) because of a DUI or violation of a DUI
  • Refusal to submit to chemical or blood alcohol testing after being pulled over for a DUI
  • Breaking the Drivers License Compact according to §1581, meaning that any out of state DUIs can affect your case outcome in Pennsylvania

Negotiating with the court and attempting to create a case defense regarding license revocation charges after a DUI can be confusing and complicated. It is pertinent that you receive the necessary legal assistance you deserve, whether you are facing losing your license for a DUI charge or are defending accusations for driving with a revoked license. Get in touch with Blaine Jones Law, LLC to learn more about what a Pittsburgh DUI defense lawyer at our firm can do on your behalf.

Aggressive Trial Attorney

Having successfully handled over 4,000 preliminary hearings and over 10,000 criminal cases overall, Attorney Jones excels in the field of criminal defense. With a wide range of experience working with the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender, he understands the intricacies of the courtroom. Allow our knowledgeable legal team to take a look at your case and discuss with you the best options available to you. We understand that you may feel frightened or confused, but we want to ease the stressful burden for you. Contact our office today to speak with a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney for a free phone consultation at (412) 254-8399.

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