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Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney

ARD Program

Being charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh or the surrounding communities of Western Pennsylvania can be a traumatic experience. Particularly if this is your first experience with the legal justice system. You need the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in order to help facilitate your admittance into the ARD program. Blaine Jones is a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer that has successfully and expeditiously secured admittance into the coveted ARD program.

Benefits of the ARD Program

Your lawyer will motion both the court and the Office of the District Attorney for all of the pertinent criminal history records in order to obtain admission into the ARD program. Successful completion of the ARD program will result in your criminal record remaining clean (criminal conviction will not be reported). By contacting an experienced lawyer you may be surprised to learn that the ARD program is not exclusive to people charged with a DUI. A criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh handling cases of people charged with a crime for the first time could possibly utilize an alternative program such as ARD. Blaine Jones Law will actively pursue all options for his clients which include the possibility of ARD.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Blaine Jones Law, LLC has secured acceptance into the ARD program for a significant number of his clients. Don't wait until it's too late because ARD may be a viable option in your criminal case. However, if you wait you could jeopardize your clean criminal history.

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