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DUI Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Legal Representation to Challenge Any Evidence

Despite the fact that law officers may try to scare you into thinking that there is no way out of your DUI charges, there are many ways to contest evidence. Facing DUI penalties can be frightening and seem overwhelming, but with the appropriate defense from a Pittsburgh DUI attorney there is a good possibility you can obtain diminished charges or even a complete case dismissal.

In order for the prosecution to prove that you were guilty of driving under the influence, they must prove two things:

  • That you were the one driving the vehicle at the time of the arrest
  • That you were under the influence of either drugs or alcohol that inhibited your ability to drive in a safe manner

If you have capable representation that is able to prove either of those two aspects wrong, then the prosecution may no longer be able to prove the case against you. It is important to have a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh to help create a defense. Attorney Blaine Jones has had success handling over 10,000 criminal cases and can readily help to prepare a strategic case on your behalf.

Building a Solid Case

Looking at the first factor that must be proven wrong, there is the issue of whether or not you were actually driving at the time of the arrest. This is not a solid point to try to defend against if the law officer actually physically stopped your car while out on the road; however, if your car was stalled or pulled off to the side of the road when you were questioned, that could be an inlet for breaking down the evidence.

When it comes to the actual arrest for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there are certain elements to inspect. Did the officer who pulled over the vehicle have probable cause to do so? They must have been able to detect signs of intoxication in the way the automobile was being operated, otherwise it could be deemed as an illegal stop. Additionally the officer must have read the Miranda rights to you before arresting you on any charges. If they failed to do so or said them incorrectly, certain pieces of evidence may be able to be omitted during a trial.

Another important aspect to consider is the legitimacy of the officer's testimony regarding your behavior at the time of arrest. Are there any witnesses that can testify that you were sober at the time or had other reasons for erratic driving behaviors? This can make all the difference in determining the truthfulness and accuracy of the officer's statements. If you have any health problems, medications, or impairments that could have caused you to fail certain sobriety tests, these can also be brought to the attention of the prosecutor as evidence in your defense. Do not simply assume that evidence means you must plead guilty, but get in touch with a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at Blaine Jones Law, LLC today.

Successfully Handled Over 50 Trial Cases

Attorney Blaine Jones is highly experienced in the field of criminal defense and has been providing client with aggressive representation for many years. Providing outstanding legal advocacy backed by his time spent as a former defense attorney for the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender, attorney Jones is dedicated to each case he takes on.

Joining Mr. Jones at the firm is Special Counsel Attorney, Al Burke, who has over 25 years of legal experience, with 23 of those years spent as a prosecutor for the U.S. Government. There is no DUI case too complex or too minimal for our legal team to handle. Get in touch with our firm today for a free consultation so that we can begin helping you to regain the freedom and peace of mind that you deserve.

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