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License Suspension Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh

For many, losing their driver's license is among the most serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Loss of independence, job loss and other consequences frequently result. Pittsburgh criminal attorney, Blaine Jones, understands the consequences when a defendant loses his or her driving rights. Fighting to retain your driving rights is just one aspect of building a solid defense. For too many, skyrocketing insurance premiums and reinstatement hassles are common consequences long after a driver puts a conviction behind him.

Pittsburgh DUI – License Suspensions

First-time DUI

  • BAC .08 percent to .099 percent – No license suspension.
  • BAC .10 percent to .159 percent -- License suspended for 12 months.
  • BAC .16 or Higher -- License suspended for 12 months.

Second DUI Conviction

  • BAC of .08 percent to .159 percent -- Driver's license suspended for 12 months.
  • Highest rate of Alcohol, BAC of .16 percent and above -- Driver's license suspended for 18 months.

Third and Fourth DUI Conviction

  • General Impairment, BAC of .08 percent to .99 percent -- Driver's license suspended for 12 months.
  • High Rate of Alcohol, BAC of .10 percent and above -- Driver's license suspended for 18 months.

Breath-test refusal may also result in a one-year license suspension. After arrest, you will receive notice from PENNDOT of your pending suspension; you have 30 days to appeal. It's important to know that even if you beat a DUI charge, you will not automatically save your driver's license. You must appeal to the state through a separate process. The Statutory Appeals Hearing is a civil hearing. A judge will consider the testimony of the arresting officer and will determine whether you refused a breath test and whether the arrest was lawful.

Driving rights (Occupational Limited Licenses) may be applied for after serving a 60-day suspension for lesser offenders. Those under an 18-month suspension with not more than one prior offense may apply for an OLL after 12 months of suspension. Further legal complications can arise when a defendant is caught driving without a license. Pennsylvania has tough penalties for those caught on the road with a suspended or revoked license, which can compound your legal problems. The truth of the matter is that a first-offense DUI often offers the best chance for a reduction or dismissal of the charges. Failure to properly defend yourself can have long-term consequences.

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