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Am I Going to Jail?

Maybe. But we do want to caution you that jail is far from your only consideration. As we've discussed elsewhere on this site, probation violations, job loss, skyrocketing insurance premiums and driver's license suspensions are all common consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Focusing on staying out of jail is obviously important. But it can result in its own consequences when such focus neglects other important considerations. If you need to speak to an experienced Pittsburgh drunk driving defense attorney, contact Blaine Jones Law. Attorney Jones has spent his career defending the rights of clients facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges in Allegheny County and throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Jail Time and Pennsylvania DUI Cases

Pennsylvania law separates DUI cases into three categories: General Impairment, High BAC, Highest BAC.

  • General Impairment: Six months to two years of jail with prior offenses.
  • High BAC: Six months to five years in prison, depending on prior record.
  • Highest BAC: Six months to five years in prison, depending on prior record.

If convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania, the amount of jail time you could face depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Prior convictions for DUI.
  • Your level of intoxication.
  • Whether anyone was injured.
  • Whether or not a traffic accident occurred.
  • What Pennsylvania court years your case.
  • Your judge.
  • Whether passengers, including children, were present.
  • Your conduct.

If you've been charged with driving under the influence, call Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney Blaine Jones for a confidential consultation. Our law firm represents clients in and around the Pittsburgh area (Allegheny County), and has handled thousands of cases throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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