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Fighting Confessions in Pittsburgh Felony Trials

It's rare that a prosecutor will admit at the outset of a Pittsburgh felony trial that they have no physical evidence. But our Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys understand that's just what ...
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1st Degree Felony Charge-DISMISSED!!!

1st Degree Felony Charge-DISMISSED!!! Within the last two weeks I represented a client in one of the smaller counties in Western Pennsylvania at his preliminary hearing. Sometimes that can be tricky ...
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Moments like yesterday is why I continue fighting the good fight!!!

My client had a pending charge of 1st degree Felony Aggravated Assault for over a year. My client, in the act of defending herself, stabbed another woman resulting in 39 staples to the other ...
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NOT GUILTY!!! Those two words are two of my most favorite words in the entire english language. Earlier this month I had a very very serious case in which my client was being charge with: 1) Rape- 1st ...
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