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Recent Posts in Drug Delivery Charges Category

Pittsburgh Drug Charges Possible for Embattled Police Officer

A police officer who was already facing a slew of bribery, coercion and assault charges is now likely to contend with Pittsburgh drug charges. Our Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys understand that ...
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The Importance of Fighting Drug Charges

On December 22 nd, twenty-five alleged drug dealers were charged in Pittsburgh as part of a massive, planned operation. This makes it extremely clear that Pittsburgh is serious about its war on drugs, ...
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I will fight, I will fight, I will fight for my clients!

I will fight, I will fight, I will fight for my clients! The first hurdle has been cleared for my client. We confidently move forward looking to successfully clear the second and final hurdle. My ...
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DISMISSED! My client was charged with Drug Delivery and Possession of Drugs With the Intent to Deliver (PWID). If convicted my client was looking at significant time in prison. Needless to say, we ...
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