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Blog Posts in December, 2011

The Importance of Fighting Drug Charges

On December 22 nd, twenty-five alleged drug dealers were charged in Pittsburgh as part of a massive, planned operation. This makes it extremely clear that Pittsburgh is serious about its war on drugs, ...
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The Differences Between Burglary and Robbery

It's sometimes difficult to understand that words can have different definitions in a court than they do on the street, but it's always easy to confuse burglary with robbery. In Pennsylvania, ...
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Bail or Bond Can Be Lowered With Proper Representation

When the court assigns you a bail or bond price, the judge bases that assignment on a variety of factors, such as whether you have a job, a family, a history of not meeting court-appointed deadlines, ...
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Do You Know Your Rights?

The police are trained to speak with authority, so it's easy to believe them when they tell you what your rights are. The fact of the matter, though, is that they aren't always right. Everyone ...
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