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R. Blaine Jones II, Esq. The Pittsburgh Attorney- DUI/ DWI

DUI/ DWI charges in Pittsburgh, PA: The Pittsburgh Attorney- Blaine Jones, Esq.

As a lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA I have represented hundreds of individuals that have been charged with DUI/ DWI/ driving under the influence. A DUI/ DWI charge can have devastating effects if they are not properly handled by a skilled legal professional. When fighting a DUI/ DWI charge in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania I have always taken a methodical approach in addressing the DUI/ DWI case. There are so many facets to a DUI/ DWI case. Having represented individuals as a lawyer in Pittsburgh I have gained a wealth of knowledge in dissecting a DUI/ DWI case. I have won DUI/ DWI cases at both the preliminary hearing level (dismissal of the charges) and at the trial level (a finding of not guilty for my client). A good lawyer in Pittsburgh, or any where else for that matter, understands that DUI/ DWI charges can be beaten at the preliminary hearing level and at trial. A DUI/ DWI charge in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania should not mean an automatic plea of guilty. It is my pledge as your Pittsburgh Attorney to vigorously fight on your behalf and to leave no stone unturned!

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