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Embezzlement is a special name restricted to stealing financial assets from an employer or business. As a form of white collar crime, the offense was lightly punished until recent years when several large stories involving millions of dollars made embezzlement an issue of national discussion. Since then, the crime of embezzlement, along with other white collar crimes, has been intensely prosecuted and severely punished.

The act of embezzling money occurs within a business. While some of the most noteworthy cases have involved high-powered CEO's or high level employees, an individual's ranking in the company does not have any weight on the severity of punishment he or she may receive if convicted. Rather, punishment is determined based on the value of the property that was stolen from the company.

When a company suspects it has become the victim to embezzlement, the supervisors may seek out the prime suspect and force him or her to sign a confession as soon as they are accused. However, the suspect does not have a legal obligation to comply and has every right to retain the assistance of an attorney. In fact, it is advisable that anyone suspected of embezzlement refrain from making any statements of confession or admission until he or she has consulted with their criminal defense lawyer.

Quality Criminal Defense Against Your Embezzlement Charge

There are a number of defenses possible for charges of embezzlement and the best one depends on the specific situation. At Blaine Jones Law, LLC, our Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney can provide you with experienced legal services in defending against an embezzlement charge. No matter how big the offense, we want to protect your rights and interests so that you have the best chance of a positive outcome. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you fight an embezzlement charge.

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