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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a summary offense?

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are three types of criminal charges:

  • Felony Charges;
  • Misdemeanor Charges; and
  • Summary Charges.

Blaine Jones Law, LLC is an experienced at fighting all of the aforementioned charges. A summary charge can be as serious as a felony and a misdemeanor because if you are convicted of a summary charge you could be placed in jail and be required to pay significant fines and costs. A summary can be sent by citation in the mail or a person can be arrested on the spot. If you have been sent a summary citation you must act immediately.

Potential Consequences of a Summary Conviction

If you are found guilty of a summary offense in Pittsburgh the adverse consequences could affect your employment opportunities, educational status, and housing situation to name a few items. Attorney Blaine Jones is a Pittsburgh defense lawyer that has helped thousands of people charged with a summary offense. The attorney you choose to represent you should aggressively attack summary charges in order to have them dismissed at the preliminary hearing. He has had thousands of summary charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing stage of the criminal process. Additionally, he has had thousands of summary charges withdrawn at the preliminary hearing stage of the criminal process as well.

Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you or a loved one have received a traffic ticket or citation for motor vehicle violation in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania then you must contact an attorney at once. At traffic ticket can have serious consequences on both your Pennsylvania driver's record and your insurance payments. Blaine Jones Law, LLC has thousands of cases in experience to call upon. Do not hesitate call our firm today.

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