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Sex Offender Registry

Pennsylvania sex-offender registration can punish defendants long after they have served their time. Those looking to move on with their life and put the charges behind them, can face a lifetime of forced registration, limitations on where they can live and work, and other restrictions that negatively impact quality-of-life. Defense attorney, Blaine Jones, understands the issues those convicted of sex crimes face.

Our staff is dedicated to mounting an aggressive defense to all criminal charges on your behalf, limiting the impact registration has whenever possible, and defending those charged with violations of Pennsylvania's sex-offender registration laws. Those forced to register must do so for a period of 10 years to life, giving neighbors, friends, employers and the public the ability to look you up, know where you live and work, and learn of past crimes for which you have already paid.

Sex Offender Defense in Pittsburgh: Rights and Requirements

In 1996, Megan's Law (42 Pa.C.S. § 9799.1) became effective. The law requires many who live and work in the state, and who are convicted of a sex crime, to register with the state. Changes to the law in 2004 made most of that information public.

Requirements of sex offender registration include:

  1. Registration within 48 hours of release from incarceration, change of address or change of employment.
  2. Registration required to become a student.
  3. Registration required in other states when moving or relocating for work or school.

Offenders who fail to comply with the law can face second- or third-degree felony charges, which can send them to prison for up to 5 years. The severity of the charge increases if there's been a previous charge of noncompliance.

Pennsylvania Sex Offender Defense: Community Notification

Sex offenders may even face community notification by law enforcement. This is active notification of neighbors and other parties by law enforcement, revealing your whereabouts and criminal status. This will occur if a judge rules you are a sexually violent predator. In such cases, flyers distributed to the community will reveal your name and address, the offense for which you were convicted, your photo, and the statement of the court regarding your sexual predator status.

Sexually violent predators face a first- or second-degree felony charge, which can result in 10 to 20 years in prison for noncompliance. The severity of the charge increases if a defendant has previously been convicted of noncompliance. Not only does sex-offender registration punish a defendant twice for the same crime, it forces him to continue paying for a crime long after a sentence has been served. As a veteran Pittsburgh sex offender defense attorney, Blaine Jones Law, LLC understands the stakes. And we are committed to do everything possible to protect clients from the consequences.

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