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Drug Crimes FAQ

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

Pennsylvania law enforcement takes drug offenses very seriously. Even a minor drug charge can carry a sentence of significant fines and even jail time. Stay informed on the state's policy on controlled substances and contact a Pittsburgh drug crime lawyer if you are in need of quality defense against a drug charge. Here are some frequently asked questions about drug crimes in Pittsburgh.

Do I have to answer the officer's questions?
By law, the police officer cannot force you to answer any of their questions against your will, this is your Fourth Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution. In fact, it is in your benefit to remain silent until you have consulted with an attorney who will be your advocate against the prosecution. Anything you share with law enforcement, even if you think it proves your innocence, can be used against you later on. Therefore, it is wise to keep quiet until you have hired a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney who can advise on what you should and should not share with the police.

Do the police need a warrant to search my car?
In most cases, the answer is yes. Unless the evidence is "in plain view" or if they have reason to believe that you are a threat to public safety, they must have a court issued warrant to search any of your private property. If the police officers obtained drug evidence through an unlawful search without a warrant, your drug crime attorney can have that evidence thrown out of the case against you and the prosecution would not be able to use it as support for their case.

What is the drug schedule?
The Schedule is the government's way of regulating the availability and legality of drugs in the U.S. Different schedules have different regulations, ranging from over-the-counter drugs to only prescribed drugs and even completely outlawed drugs. Each schedule is also used in the sentencing guidelines for drug charges.

Are penalties heavier if there are minor's involved?
Yes! In general, any criminal offense involving a minor will carry heavier penalties but this is especially true for drug charges in Pennsylvania. If you are charged with selling drugs to minors, you could be facing at least one year in jail – and that is the lightest sentence for such an offense.

When can I hire an attorney?
You can hire an attorney at any moment during questioning, processing or your trial. You simply must tell the law enforcement agent that you want an attorney and they will not ask you any questions until your lawyer is present. The sooner you hire a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney to defend you against your drug charges, the better chance you have for a positive outcome.

If you are facing a drug charge in Pennsylvania or if you have more questions about drug crimes, contact our Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer at Blaine Jones Law, LLC today! Together we can fight for your freedom and see these charges done away with!

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