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Landlord Tenant Lawyers Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Nationally Recognized Law Firm Backed by 60+ Years Combined Experience

The relationship between landlords and tenants in Pennsylvania is governed by local, state, and federal law. Under these laws, tenants and landlords have certain rights, responsibilities, and duties. However, even in the most amicable and professional landlord tenant relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise. Having a clear and detailed rental agreement or lease can lessen disagreements and discord. Each side will have clarity about their rights and duties and know what is expected of them.

If you need help with any aspect of your role as a landlord or tenant in or around the larger Pittsburgh area, you can turn to Blaine Jones Law, LLC. Our Pittsburg landlord tenant attorneys can draft, review, or help you enforce a rental agreement or lease, provide counsel for disputes between yourself and the other party, represent you in an eviction action through the courts, and provide general guidance as to your rights and duties in any landlord-tenant circumstance. Our legal team is trial-tested and brings decades of collective criminal and civil legal experience to your case.

Need legal help with a landlord-tenant issue? Reach out to us at (412) 475-0062 to discuss the matter or schedule your free consultation online.

Landlord Tenant Law in Pennsylvania

Blaine Jones Law, LLC can provide legal representation in all the many areas of landlord tenant relations. The laws regarding these include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Disclosures that are required by landlords
  • Limits and deadline return for security deposits
  • Security deposit lawsuit filings for tenants
  • Security deposit dispute guidelines for landlords
  • Rent rules, including Termination for Nonpayment of Rent
  • Tenant rights regarding “repair and deduct” for broken or dysfunctional equipment, amenities, or services
  • Termination and eviction rules, including Unconditional Quit Terminations and Termination for Violation of Lease
  • Prohibition of landlord retaliation
  • How to handle abandoned property left behind by tenants
  • Fair housing rights regarding federal discrimination laws

Many of these topics are covered under Pennsylvania’s “Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951.”

Examples of Important Landlord Tenant Issues

Below are examples of important information regarding various landlord tenant issues outlined under Pennsylvania law. Our firm can help you understand the issues you are facing and take proper legal action to help you resolve them with the other party as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

  • Landlords are generally required to disclose the name and address of the bank they use to keep a tenant’s security deposit.
  • Landlords can charge two months’ rent as a security deposit for the tenant’s first year and one month’s rent as a deposit for the following years that the tenant remains.
  • Security deposits must be returned to tenants within 30 days after a tenant vacates the unit.
  • Tenants have the right to sue landlords for the return of their security deposit.
  • Tenants generally have 10 days to pay the landlord any rent that is overdue before an eviction process can begin.
  • Landlords are obligated to maintain the unit and whatever equipment or amenities are provided in the rental agreement or lease in good condition (stoves, refrigerators, heater, A/C units, etc.). If they fail to do so, tenants have the right to withhold rent or repair what’s broken and deduct the expense from the rent.
  • Landlords may only terminate a tenancy under specific conditions, such as for nonpayment of rent or other violations of the written lease or rental agreement. Arbitrary reasons for an eviction are generally prohibited.

Need Help with Your Landlord Tenant Issue? Call Blaine Jones Law, LLC.

No matter what side of the issue you are, our firm can provide the answers and guidance you need to resolve any conflict that may surface in the landlord tenant relationship. It is obviously best for everyone involved to handle disagreements or problems as quickly as possible to avoid the complication of legal fees, court costs, and court schedules. We are here to enhance those efforts as well as to provide the aggressive representation you need should the matter extend to civil litigation.

Ready to talk it over with one of our attorneys? Call us at (412) 475-0062 today.

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