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Arrested While in College?

Don't let this affect your future!

College is an experience that most Americans do not want to miss. The opportunity for higher education, the idea of a prosperous future, and the chance to grow into your own are all huge draws for college-aged students; however, college does provide many temptations that are hard for some students to ignore. For many, living on their own for the first time and being surrounded by other college students presents a unique set of problems. Some college campuses are notorious for fraternity and sorority parties, house parties, clubs, and other social entertainments that can lead many college students down a quickly destructive path.

It is estimated that the average college student will attend at least 62 parties per year. With that said, each year, nearly 110,000 college students are arrested for alcohol-related offenses, including DUI and underage drinking. Also high up on the list of arrests for college students are the possession of fake IDs and the more serious offenses of drug crimes and date rape. All of these charges hold heavy penalties, including jail time, serious fines, and possible strikes against your record. Some schools, especially if you are on an athletic or academic scholarship, will drop you from your scholarship or hold other penalties against you, including loss of dorm privileges or mandatory counseling.

You Need Our Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Law Firm

You have worked hard to get to this point in your life; you may have taken out student loans, moved hundreds of miles, and have high hopes for your future - do not let this mistake get in the way! If you have been arrested, you deserve outstanding legal representation. At Blaine Jones Law, LLC, we believe in quickly and efficiently settling your case so that you can move forward with your life. We offer quality representation to college students throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and have successfully assisted more than 10,000 clients throughout the years. You have important things to get back to - like graduating - instead of dealing with complications from arrests and criminal charges. Contact our criminal defense law firm today to speak with an attorney and obtain the representation you deserve!

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